Pensioners on the march for fairness

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Calling all pensioners! Nick Ward in his column on Friday, September 9 regarding the plight facing pensioners today wrote: “Being British, we simply put up with it. If this type of thing happened on the continent there’d be such a protest the water cannons would be out.”

Well perhaps we are not at the level of our continental colleagues, but the Sheffield Pensioners Action Group are organising the very first march of pensioners through the city centre, starting from the Castle Markets this Friday at 11.30am to highlight the plight of many pensioners in today’s society. So pensioners why not come and join us.

SPAG are campaigning for:

Every pensioner having the right to choose dignity, independence and security as a valued member of society.

Maintaining the Fuel Allowance.

Maintaining free nationwide travel on all public and local transport.

Active engagement and consultation on national and local issues affecting older people.

Increase state pension to above the ‘official poverty level’ of £176 per week.

Access to and participation in leisure and cultural activities.

Free long-term personal care, as well as nursing care in residential homes.

Require all employers to provide decent occupational pension schemes.

Come and join up with other pensioners and show our politicians that the grey vote is a force to be reckoned with and to our younger colleagues.

Remember – it is us today, you tomorrow with increases in poverty, so let’s fight for fairness – SPAG supporting pensioners.

Coun Peter Price, chair Sheffield Pensioners Action Group