Peak District paths are perfect for all walkers

Visually impaired walkers from across the UK are discovering the paths and trails in the Peak District, which offer accessible adventure.

‘Ideal walking country’ is how RP Trekkers, a visually impaired walking group, described the Peak District after exploring the area on a recent walk with National Park rangers.

Named for the retinitis pigmentosa condition they all have, members of the RP Trekkers group have inherited eye conditions that affect the retina at the back of the eye, causing a range of permanent changes to sight including blindness, tunnel vision and the inability to see in low light.

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RP Trekker organiser Teresa Waldron said: “It is important for groups like ours to get out and enjoy the countryside but we need the support of people with local knowledge. The Rangers enabled us to walk for seven miles enjoying the area’s natural beauty and tranquility.”