PC Phil shows he’s the strong arm of the law

Phil Roberts, Sheffield's Strongest Man 2014 title winner.
Phil Roberts, Sheffield's Strongest Man 2014 title winner.
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Criminals beware! One of the strongest men in the land is patrolling the streets of Sheffield.

By day Phil Roberts is a full-time police constable with South Yorkshire Police.

But when he swaps his uniform for his gym gear it’s all about strong muscles and sheer strength – because Phil is an up-and-coming star in the world of strongman.

The 29-year-old, from Norton Lees, who is based at Woodseats Police Station, admits his size and strength help him in his job.

Phil said: He said: “People tend not to want to fight me.

“A lot of the time when they think there is going to be trouble, I get sent. I don’t want to see my colleagues get hurt. If there is a door that needs to be broken down then I’m pretty handy to have around too.”

Phil has already been crowned Sheffield’s strongest man, a title he has also won in Scunthorpe and Rotherham.

And earlier this year he finished in the top 10 in England’s strongest man competition.

Despite being an avid gym user, Phil only took up strongman training two years ago after getting compliments about his strength.

He said: “I used to love watching the strongman competition on television around Christmas time.

“I have always been to the gym but it wasn’t until someone said to me that I’m relatively strong and why not give strongman training a try that I got into it.

“My first competition was when I went in for Rotherham’s strongest man in June 2012 and I won that.”

Phil was victorious at the Sheffield’s strongest man competition, held where he trains at Iron Athlete Gym, near Bramall Lane, in Sheffield.

He also came eighth in England’s strongest man competition, second in Elite England’s strongest man contest and was awarded the title of third strongest man in North Yorkshire.

Phil, sponsored by Hulks Gym in Rotherham, said: “I train six days a week. If I work a night shift then it means not having much sleep after so I can get down to the gym. I will always make time for the gym.

“I try to eat between 5,000 and 6,000 calories, but I struggle with that. Before competitions it’s just about training for all the events.

“I would like to say all I eat is clean things but that is subsidised with takeaways. I’m a nutritionist’s nightmare!”

Phil is supported by colleagues at Woodseats Police Station with several travelling to Stoke to watch him compete in the England’s strongest man contest.

Although his strength and size makes him ideal for his job at South Yorkshire Police, Phil has dreams of setting up his own gym.

“A lot of people who compete in strongman competitions go on to open their own gyms. That would be my dream, to have my own gym.”