Paying price of misery

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THIS bright, warm weather is the kind that encourages us all to move out of doors and make the most of our gardens. Sadly, noise from neighbours can spoil the enjoyment. But at least most of us have the luxury of choosing to move back indoors.

But for hundreds of Sheffield residents, this has not been an option over the last 12 months as they were besieged by the racket of the people next door.

However, the city council has a strict policy to make people who cause noise nuisance see the error of their ways.

They write to them explaining the situation and if that does not work they strike. This entails removing the offending equipment which has been blasting out at all hours and disturbing people’s peace. And we are delighted to learn that this is not the end of the story. Scores of items which were seized in this manner have been handed over to recycling charity Sheffield Reclamation Limited to be put to good use.

We hope the neighbours who were bombarded by the noise in the first place learn of this action and are pleased that their misery is at least doing some good for others.

Give great idea all your support

THE world of learning is teaming up with people power to launch an exciting project in a group of Sheffield districts – and we hope more members of the city’s communities will support it.

A team of students and academics is working with residents in Shalesmoor, Neepsend, Kelham Island, Upperthorpe and Hillsborough to bring civic pride to the neighbourhoods.

The plastiCities project is bringing together artists and residents to gather images and memories of Sheffield with the longer-term aim of transforming disused or neglected spaces into places that the community can enjoy.

This is a great way to bring communities together and we hope more people will join in as they learn of the opportunities to do so.

Date with fame

SHEFFIELD is gearing up for a flaming welcome to the Olympic spirit as more local people are named as torchbearers for the sporting spectacle.

The big day for Sheffield is Monday, June 25 when the torch will be paraded through the city by a team of people who have earned the honour through hard work in their communities or by overcoming great disadvantage.

We are sure readers will join us in saluting each and everyone of them. They are a tribute to our communities and deserve their date with fame.