Paying price of a failed idea

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closing Pollard’s, Sheffield’s oldest shop, highlights a bigger problem, namely with our elected officials.

They simply don’t understand (or care about) the plight of small businesses. Typically, we heard a pencil-neck on the Town Hall steps (Coun Ian Auckland) attempting to deflect the blame to the economic downturn.

I agree it has impacted the retail sector somewhat. But doesn’t he realise that this particular business has been operating since 1879, which spanned two world wars and a national depression. Might have been a bit of a downturn there too, councillor!

Its closure was due directly to the chaotic Sevenstone plans. And blame lies in the lap of Hammersons, who don’t give a toss about Sheffield, and a bunch of hare-brained suits who strut around that big building at the top of Pinstone Street likening themselves to a Yorkshire Donald Trump.

The exercise failed, gents. On the upside, at least the council can now put their ‘award-winning’ shop-window artists to work when Pollard’s board up their premises. Every cloud, eh!

Peter Flynn, Hillsborough

We’d like to thank all the staff at Pollard’s on Charles Street who have, for so many years, provided a wonderful service to the people of Sheffield. We have been using this unique Sheffield shop and café for 40 years and appreciated the knowledge and advice so freely given and the wonderful teas and coffees.

P and A Dungworth, Bradway

A HUGE slice of history has been severed with the closure of Pollard’s. The diminishing surrounding shops have proven a retailers’ nightmare. It is, without doubt, a sordid blow to customers and staff who revelled in its heyday.

Robert Cartlidge, Storth Ln, S26

Coun Scriven attributed the demise of Pollard’s to all the coffee bars that have sprung up in the city centre. It’s obvious he knows nothing about any business that builds up a faithful clientele. Among its most faithful customers were pensioners. And I haven’t seen a coffee bar filled with OAPs. Coffee bars? Competition? Don’t make me laugh, Pollard’s have been left in the middle of a failed idea.

Vin Malone, S14