'Pay what you feel' food store opens in Sheffield

The supermarket is in Carlisle Street in Sheffield
The supermarket is in Carlisle Street in Sheffield
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A Sheffield organisation is offering residents the chance to 'pay as you feel' and buy food for whatever price they can afford.

The Sharehouse Market is being run by The Real Junk Food Project and aims to help reduce wasted food.

Normally, the project gives out food to schools and cafes - but those in charge of the scheme have decided to open The Sharehouse Market.

A spokesman for the project said: On Christmas Eve, the elves decided they will open up the market at midday and keep it open until midnight. The elves really want all the food to be eaten, and what better way than by letting people come and pick it up to use at home?

"The Sharehouse Market will be open for everyone 27th-31st December, 12-4pm and from 2nd-8th January, 12-4pm.

"The food is available on a pay as you feel basis, meaning customers can contribute time, money or a skill to help the project sustain itself.

"Come and help the elves! Collect some food, contribute to the project and help us lead the way in reducing food waste all year round, not just at Christmas."

The project is based at 49 Carlisle Street in Sheffield.