Paul Dickov column: The backing we’ve had has been superb

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In the 16 or so months that I’ve been at Doncaster, I’ve been really pleased with the backing both the club and I have received from the fans.

At every club I’ve been at – and there’s been a lot of them – you always get that small minority who will moan whether you’re winning or losing.

But a vast majority of fans will back the players as long as they see them going out and having a go, doing the right things and trying to play football.

That’s what we’re trying to do here and the vast majority of fans have been fantastic.

Keeping things on an even keel has been a focus of the staff for some time, be that in performances, expectations and mood in the camp.

I will admit the players have been up and down in terms of confidence in recent weeks.

I had to remind them of a few things after our draw against Crawley on Tuesday night, a game we ought to have won.

It’s not too long ago that we went to Watford and won, did the same down at Colchester and turned in a really good performance against Preston in a game we really should have won.

It’s not been doom and gloom for those first seven games and it is always worth reminding the players of that.

There’s been a lot of good performances in there and that’s what I told them.

I’m loathe to say how good they’ve been in training this week because I said it last week and we went and got a hammering at Bristol City.

What I will say is the lads have been really receptive to what we’ve been saying to them.

That was something noticeable about Tuesday night.

We’ve been talking about being relentless in everything we do.

The players tried to keep the pressure up on Crawley right until the end and we just needed that bit more quality in the final third.

But again it comes back to confidence, as so many things do.

When you’ve not scored for a couple of games as a team there tends to be a bit of frustration involved in that.

We need to calm them down a little bit, get them confident and get them believing.

That goes for the players as much as does for the supporters.

Let’s all keep believing.