Paul Chuckle wipes away a tear as he carries brother Barry into Rotherham's stadium

Paul Chuckle is seen as the coffin arrives for the funeral of Barry Chuckle in Rotherham - Picture: SWNS
Paul Chuckle is seen as the coffin arrives for the funeral of Barry Chuckle in Rotherham - Picture: SWNS
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Paul Chuckle wiped away a tear as he helped carry his brother Barry's coffin into Rotherham United's New York Stadium.

Crowds have started to gather outside the New York Stadium in Rotherham for the funeral of veteran entertainer Barry Chuckle.

Members of the public, who mainly turned out in Rotherham United shirts, watched on as some of the 73-year-old's close friends and family made their way inside for a private service.

Famous faces including Roy Chubby Brown, Vicki Michelle, Linda Nolan, Bernard Clifton, Tommy Cannon and Billy Pearce were amongst those invited inside the stadium.

The stadium is the home of Rotherham United football club, of which Barry and his brother Paul were honorary life presidents.

The hearse carrying the coffin of Barry Chuckle has arrived outside the main reception of the stadium.

A wreath was laid just outside the entrance as close family, including his brother Paul Elliott, made their way inside.

Four men carried the coffin in through the player's entrance, including Paul, who had described Barry as his "very best friend" after his death on August 5.

Barbra Garston, 86, said she had come to the stadium to support Barry's brother, Paul.

She said: "I'd also like to watch him go because he has been such a big thing for Rotherham and everywhere by making people happy.

"I've got three generations which have grown up with them. So one by one, they've all watched them. So I've been involved anyway, whether I wanted to watch them or not."

Ms Garston made a sign to bring to the stadium, which read: "To a Yorkshire lad from a Yorkshire lass, goodbye from me to you."

A young Chuckle Brothers "megafan" travelled all the way from Birmingham to pay his respects to Barry Chuckle.

Alfie, ten, said: "I first went to see them at the pantomime in Wolverhampton around two years ago and I just became a megafan of them.

"I just love their episodes and every morning I'm watching their episodes of Chucklevision, and it has never gotten old.

"Everybody loves them. They've got a really good comedy, they're funny and they just made people laugh."

Alfie's dad Peter said: "It was 100 miles to get here but it was well worth it. As soon as we heard it was going to take place today, we just wanted to pay our respects."