Passenger group demands more station facilities

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BETTER facilities for passengers are being proposed on a ‘shopping list’ put together by The Friends of Dronfield Station.

Paul Walker, a member of the group, revealed talks have taken place with operator Northern Rail and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive to discuss ‘improvements to passenger facilities’.

The friends’ list includes automated announcements on the public address system for all trains stopping in the town, digital information displays showing up-to-date information about when trains are due, and modern waiting shelters ‘of glass and PVC construction’. The station currently has stone-built shelters.

Mr Walker said: “Of these, our clear preference is for the digital information displays. The cost is around £25,000.

“I put it to Northern Rail at our meeting that Dronfield Town Council may be prepared to make a contribution.

“Their response was that a token contribution was not a runner, but if the council or a number of organisations could come up with 50 per cent of the cost then they would talk to us.”

Mr Walker has asked Dronfield Council to appeal for funding from Derbyshire County Council.

In an email to the town clerk he said: “We have reason to believe they have spent thousands on stations such as Glossop and the Hope Valley Line stations but have yet to cough up a penny on Dronfield.”

The friends are campaigning for further improvements after securing the return of regular train services.