Party does not deserve trust

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NOW we know why Coun Clement-Jones’s party deserved the defeat they endured with his latest letter (May 24). To call the restoration of 10 PCSO posts, the restoration of 15 per cent of the cut to children’s services and the restoration of the cut to Graves Art Gallery as Labour’s pet projects shows the contempt his party has for the people of Sheffield.

I know from talking to people they saw these cuts as especially unfair and positively wanted to see them restored and supported us in their thousands at the election.

Further, I take no pride in telling the hard-working employees of Sheffield council that I am pleased, as he seems to be, that they will see their living standards eroded because of the ideological decisions made by his party and the Tories in central government to slash council grants.

Until the Lib Dems in Sheffield come to terms with why they so decisively lost the election, they cannot hope to start the long road back to regain the trust of the people of Sheffield.

Coun Clement-Jones’s letter shows he does not understand those reasons and he and, in my view, his party as a consequence does not deserve that trust any more.

Coun Steve Wilson, Labour, East Ecclesfield