Partnership pays dividends

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PARTNERSHIP has been a watchword for the Sheffield region for a good many years.

At times, a cynic might have wondered if it was much more than talk, but now we can see it is paying dividends big time.

It’s partnership that has brought Rolls-Royce to the Advanced Manufacturing Park and, on the same day that Business Secretary Vince Cable officially launched that crucial development, we saw the launch of another partnership, designed to accelerate the creation of more than 5,000 jobs within the region’s new Enterprise Zone.

We know what we all want for this region and now we can be absolutely sure that, together, we can get it.

At last, we’re a city on the move

THIS newspaper’s Gridlock City campaign highlighted the delays motorists face trying to get in and out of Sheffield.

In 2004, we asked for action to tackle the jams after growing tired of ever increasing journey times.

And we are pleased to report that eight years later, things appear to be improving. Statistics show the city is the ninth worst place in the UK for congestion and as we are the fourth biggest city, this is progress.

Better still, and perhaps surprisingly, the figures show we spend just seven minutes 24 seconds a week stuck in traffic.

That is based on 29 hours a year sitting in jams, which in the grand scheme of things doesn’t seem a lot.

Progress includes the long-awaited completion of the city’s ring road which has certainly saved time heading in and out of the city.

If the resurfacing work to end our pothole problem is as successful, then this city really can get motoring.

Daytripper tenor

WE all know what an excellent music reputation Sheffield has.

Famous rock bands, the Tramlines festival and world-renowned classical music concerts mean the city offers something for every musical taste.

So we are not surprised that famous Italian tenor Antonello Arca wants to come back to Sheffield even though he’ll have to come by bus due to his fear of flying. He’ll do that because he so wants to sing at the grand finale of Music in the Gardens for the third time.

It is a great event, as Antonello knows, and well worth a bus ride of anyone’s time.