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On Tuesday, as a pensioner with a wife in care with semantic dementia, I went to see Mr Stink at the Lyceum. This seems to be for children but I found it can be for all ages as there is a strong moral message.

I sat in row D, next to a lady with her two children and would like to thank her for her kindness in making me feel welcome and part of a family.

It made my night.

Ian R Downing, Huntingtower Rd, S11

Firms hiring and firing at will

The economic climate remains fragile but it seems this is being used as an excuse by some employers in the area.

My son, a bright, well mannered 20-year-old undergraduate recently secured a job at a solar panel company based near Barnsley.

With salary and terms agreed he started work and by all accounts was doing a good job, but after nine days with the company they suddenly decided that the work they thought they had for him had not materialised so they effectively sacked him.

For sure it is tough out there for companies but this surely does not give them the right to hire and fire people at will.

It was his first proper job - what a bad impression he now has about work and how some employers treat their staff.

So if you are in the market for free solar panels and renting your roofspace think twice.

John Leigh, Potter Hill Lane, High Green

Endangering us

drivers should be taught a swift lesson for using a mobile phone while driving. They should receive an instant one month ban and a £250 fine.

It’s frightening the numbers of drivers I see daily breaking the law using a mobile and even more frightening for me is having someone following you on the road who you can plainly see in your rear view mirror talking or texting while driving.

I was once followed by a female driver who appeared to be having a full-blown argument with someone on the other end of her phone.

They just don’t realise how much danger they are putting themselves and other drivers in by using a mobile.

Mick, from Manor Top