Parkwood Academy a waste of potential

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To see Parkwood Academy in the news for the wrong reasons again is no surprise.

As a parent of a pupil at the school, I have seen the school go downhill in the past two years. It’s no coincidence that during this period the school moved from being an ordinary school to an Academy. It seems to me that if they spent as much time, effort and money on actually teaching the kids as they do on publicity gimmicks and the like, perhaps the school wouldn’t still be on the danger list for closure.

It’s not as though it can turn it into an Academy for under-performance, is it? They’ve done that and little progress has been made.

It’s fair to say that the school took its eye off the ball two years back, preferring to spend resource on a vanity project and the kids of the school are the ones suffering.

As it is, my daughter has a short period left there, the end of which cannot come too soon as it’s been issue after issue with the latest being the theft of her phone in school.

The school’s response was a simple, ‘We’re not insured for it’ and little else. It’s a waste of potential It really is.

Mick Ibbotson, Piper Close, S5