Parkinson’s committee deserve pat on the back

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I have had Parkinson’s for about seven years and as a member of the Sheffield branch of Parkinson’s UK, I have enjoyed the benefits of attending lively and helpful monthly meetings.

I have also enjoyed a range of other all-the-year-round activities and functions organised by a hard-working and dedicated local committee of volunteers who truly have our welfare at heart .

Recently, I attended the Christmas lunch at a local hotel for the first time.

I was so glad I did because not only did a large gathering sit down to a lovely meal but we were royally entertained by a first-class choir –and we were able to forgot about our health problems for a few hours.

Afterwards, back at home, I couldn’t stop thinking about what a good job the Sheffield branch of Parkinson’s UK is doing.

Aat the same time I felt a little sad that while their efforts are greatly appreciated by members like me, there is so little public recognition.

Indeed, I fear that the majority of people in and around Sheffield are totally unaware of what is being done to help make life better for our members.

So, may I, through your columns, give them a pat on the back, and, who knows, perhaps in the near future one of your Star writers might be prompted to join us and pen a feature about Living with Parkinson’s and what local volunteers are doing to help the cause.