Parked cars ‘not a danger’

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News: Bringing you news 24-hours a day.
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parked cars on a busy road near Doncaster are not a hazard - but in fact help to make it safer, experts have told local councillors.

Despite a long-running campaign by residents for double yellow lines to be extended on Tickhill Road on the approach to Bawtry, the town council has been advised by Doncaster Council that no action will be taken to deter motorists from parking there.

The local authority says parked vehicles have the positive effect of slowing down the speed of passing traffic, thus making the road safer, and that it will not agree to more double yellow lines.

Southern Parks ward councillor Barbara Hoyle told Bawtry councillors what they saw as a long standing problem is seen by highways officers “as providing an element of natural traffic calming, which has a beneficial effect on traffic speeds entering the town from the direction of Tickhill”.

The local authority adds that extending the double yellow lines could result in parked vehicles migrating to other areas, thus causing problems for residents living on the nearby Tree Estate housing development.

They say the length of Tickhill Road between Top Street and Oak Tree Road, where up to 20 cars are parked daily, possesses a good safety record of no major accidents or fatalities. South Yorkshire Police support the view.

Bawtry Town Council is asking for the decision to re-considered because of concerns that a fire engine could not gain access recently to the area because of the parked cars.

They also pointed out that the establishment of a housing development in the former grounds of Bawtry Hall, just off Tickhill Road, has added to the problem.