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Lake at Thrybergh Country Park
Lake at Thrybergh Country Park
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They’re making the most of the last days of summer at a South Yorkshire country park...

Dragonflies, butterflies, Canada Geese – and visitors of the human variety – all enjoyed an afternoon soaking up the sunshine at Thrybergh Country Park.

These beautiful pictures were sent in by Star reader Sean Stewart, who stopped off at the park near Rotherham for a relaxing cup of tea.

“It was so nice I went for a walk around the reservoir and got a few shots,” he said.

“I just loved the two ladies sitting chatting in the baking hot sun, watching the huge variety of wildfowl on the lake – ducks, geese, swans, great crested grebes, gulls, coots and moorhens.

“Then I spotted various dragonflies – it took 20 minutes to get this picture of one – and a few butterflies, as well as a wonderful path full of harebells.”

Things won’t be quite so serene at the country park on Saturday, September 14.

A Back To School Family Sports Day from 11am to 3pm will include woodlouse racing, wacky races, a bug-and-spoon race, Wellington boot throwing, circus skills and a penalty shoot-out.

A Rotherham Council spokesman said: “Drop in, pick up a scorecard and take part in as many games and challenges as you can.”
For more information call 01709 850 353.

‘Unsettled’ weather sparks the end of the heatwave

Get those umbrellas at the ready – rainfall is set to continue to wash away South Yorkshire’s memories of a long, hot summer.

Forecasters have predicted ‘unsettled’ weather and a series of sporadic showers for the next seven days, spelling the end of the heatwave.

Back-to-school and back-to-work blues will take an extra hit as temperatures drop to a maximum of 18 degrees on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Claire Austin, a forecaster with Meteogroup, said: “On Monday there are going to be one or two showers starting near the coast then spreading by the afternoon.

“Again on Tuesday there will be a few showers and patchy rain in eastern and western areas. Wednesday does not look much different.

“Generally it’s going to be very unsettled.”

While sun-worshippers lament the loss of those golden rays, ice cream sellers still have reason to be cheerful.

Grey clouds might dominate the September sky but vendors have counted their blessings following the washout summer 2012 – one of the worst for business in history.

Rosita Hunt, of Sheffield’s oldest ice cream firm Granelli’s, said: “This year has been much better than last year, which was a real struggle. So many things were cancelled because of the rain.

“This time business has been good. Let’s hope summers in England have finally picked up.”