Park battle

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Like myself thousands of Sheffielders have been thrilled and educated by the Greek Hoplites, Legionaries, Blue and the Grey of the American Civil War and the good and the bad guys of WW2 at the Sheffield Fair at Norfolk Park.

Personally, I always found it a pity that Sheffield’s Civil War period was not usually part of such re-enactments but on Saturday, August 1 between 11am and 4-pm the celebrated Sealed Knot Society will fight the Battle of Sheffield Great Park at Manor Lodge, entrance via the Discovery Centre, Manor Lane, Sheffield S2 1UJ. Powder smoke , drum rolls, banners a flying and a clash of pikes will be the order of the day.

Battle commences at 12.30 but you can visit the encampments of the rival forces beforehand – advance tickets are £3 adults – £1.50 children – on the day £4 adults and £2 children – email or call to book via – call 0114 2762828.

The Friends of Sheffield Castle and the Friends of Manor Lodge will also be in attendance.

Ron Clayton