Parents wise to immunise

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THE importance of immunising children cannot be over-emphasised.

Giving them the vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella - commonly known as the MMR jab - is common sense.

But when the MMR jab was linked with autism, parents snubbed the jab. The link was discredited, but the damage was done and it took time to repair.

Happily, it seems that in Sheffield the worst is over now as health bosses welcome an increase in the uptake rate of children under the age of two having the jab.

Our figures are well above the national average, but we must remain vigilant, as is proved by a slight dip in uptake rates for vaccination against meningitis.

NHS Sheffield has issued a reminder to parents of the importance of vaccination as the summer holidays are under way and children are set to return to school next month.

We would endorse this. While we are pleased parents and carers are recognising the importance of childhood immunisations, they must ensure children continue to receive vaccinations.

Don’t hide these cowardly thugs

SETTING fire to cars indiscriminately makes no sense.

It endangers life, creates monstrous expense and diverts the emergency services when they might be needed elsewhere.

The argument that the damage is covered by insurance is no defence. Today Mohammed Joydu Miah, a man with a family to support, is unable to earn his living because his cab was destroyed.

There’s a particularly cruel twist in that arsonists struck as he was at prayer. Now he and his family are losing money and face considerable disruption in their lives.

Someone knows the yobs seen outside the mosque who probably wrecked his car for no good reason.

If you know them, it is your duty to name them. Before they disrupt someone else’s life, or worse.

Fight fly-tipping

IS fly-tipping worse in Sheffield than anywhere else in the country?

Government figures suggest this city is top of the league for complaints, but those in charge say residents are just better at reporting it.

We do not wish this issue to become a political football. Instead, we should be pleased with our vigilance and resolve to continue the battle against fly-tippers.

That is a more worthy goal than point-scoring.