Parents warned over ‘inappropriate’ man

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Parents have been urged to warn their children as police search for a man in connection with reports of ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

Similar descriptions of a man with grey hair and glasses, driving a dark blue vehicle, were given after three incidents across Sheffield where children were approached by a stranger.

A man gestured towards one 16-year-old girl walking along Shay Road, Deepcar, to get her in his car.

In a separate incident a boy, aged 12, was walking with his dad on Orgreave Lane in Handsworth when a man attempted to get the boy to go towards his vehicle.

And in the most recent one a man is believed to have been staring at a group of girls in the Birley Spa Lane area of Birley before driving off.

Det Sgt Michael Hakin said the reports had not been officially linked but were of ‘concern’ to families.

He said the incidents were worrying but they wanted to reassures people that ‘nobody has been physically touched or taken into a vehicle’.

Det Sgt Hakin added: “We do want members of the public to talk to their children about what to do if a stranger does approach them, which is to tell an adult.”

Letters have been sent to parents of pupil at St Joseph’s and Ballifield primary schools, both in Handsworth.

n Call police on 101 with information.