Parents urge Sheffield Wednesday fans to remember baby daughter during match

Rebecca Hall and her partner Carl Watts with their daughter Hannah
Rebecca Hall and her partner Carl Watts with their daughter Hannah
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The heartbroken parents of a baby who died are calling on Sheffield Wednesday fans to help celebrate their daughter’s life during tomorrow’s first home match of the Championship season.

Rebecca Hall and Carl Watts want Wednesdayites to erupt into a round of applause on the 33rd minute of the game against Derby County at Hillsborough in memory of their daughter Hannah Rose, who died when she was only 33 days old.

Hannah Watts, who passed away aged 33 days

Hannah Watts, who passed away aged 33 days

Rebecca, of Swallownest, Rotherham said: “We want to celebrate her short, but perfect life.

“She was so inquisitive and nosy. She recognised her dad’s voice as soon as he came into the room. She took everything in. She used to look you deep into the eyes.”

Rebecca was in labour for 64 hours before she gave birth to Hannah, weighing 6lb 7oz, by emergency caesarian.

Doctors diagnosed her with oral thrush and reflux when she was a few weeks old.

However, on Sunday August 3, she took a turn for the worse.

Rebecca said: “I did her evening feed but she wouldn’t take any feed at all. She was really distressed.

“I phoned the walk-in centre and they told us to take her straight to accident and emergency.”

Doctors battled for several hours, but sadly Hannah passed away in the early hours of Sunday, August 4.

Her devastated parents have been told she may have died because of a heart defect.

About 200 mourners gathered at Rotherham Crematorium for Hannah’s funeral on Wednesday.

Retail worker Rebecca said the couple, who are both massive Wednesday fans, have been left numb after Hannah’s death.

They hope tomorrow’s home game will provide the perfect opportunity for them to remember their daughter.

Rebecca said: “We’re just getting on with things. We’ve had a lot of friends and family around so we’ve had a lot of support. The funeral was amazing. There was so many people there and we asked for donations to Rotherham Hospital. But I think Saturday’s game will be harder.

“I was sat on the sofa when I said to Carl we should try and get a round of applause.

“I tweeted it and thought it would be ignored, but it got about 500 retweets.

“Hannah will also be in Saturday’s programme and on the score board at 33 minutes.”

Rebecca and Carl, aged 35, will be on the Kop tomorrow.

Rebecca said: “My dad has been a season ticket holder for 40 years and his wife for 35 years. A lot of our friends also go and others are going on Saturday to support us.”

“I want to thank everybody for their support and for remembering Hannah.”