Parents to find out school fate

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Anxious parents in South Yorkshire will find out next week whether their child has been granted the primary school place of their choice.

Councils will be contacting parents on Tuesday, April 16 to confirm which school their child has been allocated a place at.

Barnsley Borough Council have already revealed that of 2,170 children - 97 per cent have been granted their first choice school.

Derbyshire County Council also confirmed that 94.8 per cent of children applying to reception will be offered a place at their first choice, with 98.7 per cent being offered a place at one of their preferred schools.

For junior schools, 97.3 per cent of pupils will be offered their first choice and 99.1 per cent will be able to go to one of their preferred schools.

Ian Thomas, strategic director of children and younger adults at Derbyshire County Council, said there was going to be good news for most parents.

“It’s great news that the vast majority of parents in Derbyshire have got their first choice of school for their child.

“Our hard-working school admissions team has handled almost 11,000 requests - a time-consuming and difficult job - and they have met the deadline once again for offering places.”

Sheffield City Council as well as the Borough Councils in Rotherham and Doncaster declined to provide figures until parents had been told.

Although there is no automatic right to a place at a particular school, parents who have not been allocated their first choice have the right to appeal to an independent panel.

The closing date for appeals is 14 May.