Parents speak out after 'mindless' kids throw BRICKS at cars from bridges in Sheffield

Parents in Sheffield have expressed their disgust following reports of youths on bridges throwing bricks at passing cars.

Wednesday, 21st March 2018, 12:08 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st March 2018, 12:10 pm
Bridges on Herries Road and Halifax Road

Officers from Sheffield North East NHP revealed that they were called to Herries Road and Halifax Road at around 9pm last night.

A group of youths were spotted throwing bricks from bridges above the two roads, damaging 'several' vehicles in the process.

Police confirmed that nobody was seriously hurt during the incident but warned they would be hunting those responsible.

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A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "The Parson Cross and Southey Team this evening had to intervene once again as a group of youths threw bricks from the two pictured bridges on Herries and Halifax Road.

"Several vehicles have been damaged in the process, however fortunately on this occasion no one was seriously hurt. Someone will be if this continues.

"Please share this with family and friends who's children are potentially out in these areas on an evening.

"These are 'mindless' and 'frightening' incidents which can very quickly escalate into something very serious with very serious consequences.

"Working alongside Network Rail and BTP we will be doing all we can to find those responsible - trespassing and endangering lives, including their own.

"If you witness any offences please call us immediately so we can deploy officers to the location."

Furious parents have been left outraged by the incidents, including children reportedly throwing snowballs at cars in Shirecliffe on Sunday.

Jessica Gregory posted: "This is terrible. Hopefully nothing serious is going to happen to anybody. Please catch the kids that are doing this.

"This is really dangerous and frightening when you have young children in the car. "

Tracy Thorpe said: " This is terrible and so dangerous. I wonder how they would feel if it was their parent's car that was hit or their parents or siblings who were seriously hurt or worse.

"Hope they are caught n dealt with appropriately."