Parents’ fury over delays in justice battle

Matthew Cryer
Matthew Cryer
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PARENTS who are fighting for justice after their teenage son died on his first holiday abroad have met a setback in their battle.

Killamarsh student Matthew Cryer, died at the foot of a stairwell outside the Cocktails and Dreams nightclub in Laganas, Zante, in July 2008.

Greek police claimed the 17-year-old was so drunk that he fell and choked on his own vomit.

But an inquest ruled Sheffield Wednesday fan Matt, who was brought up in Frecheville, was unlawfully killed after hearing he had 20 separate injuries and bruising.

Witnesses told the 2009 Chesterfield inquest he had been battered and pushed down stairs by club bouncers.

His parents David Cryer and Joanne Froud, who have led a long fight for justice, were ‘optimistic’ last year when a fresh inquiry was ordered into Matthew’s death, but are now facing further setbacks.

Matthew Delapp, British vice consul in Zante, has visited the island’s investigating magistrate hoping for new information - which the family believed could be good news – but was told there will be even more delays.

Mr Cryer said: “The investigating magistrate said he’s not looked properly at Matthew’s case because he has got other cases and wants to spend time looking at Matthew’s.

“He’s also said he didn’t know how long it would be before we got more information.

“I have called our lawyer and he’s not happy about it. He’s said he’s going to try to sort something and put more pressure on.

“It isn’t good news. Mr Delapp was asked to go back down and was told the magistrate would have more information so I thought he had to be looking into it, it’s got to be positive.

“In July it will be four years - how much time do they need?”