Parents did a good job of hiding fear during war

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What a very moving story Mavis Wright had to tell, I had to stop several times to wipe away a tear.

Mavis and Derrick must have been one of the lucky ones, I would think some evacuees may have a different story.

Out of disaster came good and Mavis and Derrick finished up with two loving families.

I was born in 1935 and had just about a week at St Matthias school when Hitler blasted a big hole in the wall of our house in Pearl Street as we were in the Anderson shelter.

We moved into digs with a workmate of my dad’s in Freedom Road, Walkley and I started school for the second time.

How did our parents cope with the thought of being bombed at any time? My parents did a very good job of hiding the fear they must have felt at a time like that.

If ever evacuees were mentioned I can hear my mother’s voice now: “If we are going to die we will all die together” this philosophy was put to the test one day.

I was at school near Burgoyne Road when the air raid siren went and all the school went into the shelter. We hadn’t been there long when I heard my mother’s voice calling my name.

She had come to get me.

I don’t know what the outcome was but I can understand her actions and admire her for it.

We all came through it and mum lived to be 103.

Mr C Medley

Parson Cross Road, Sheffield