Parents anger after lollipop lady axed from Sheffield school – and sent to another nearby

Parents and children angry and upset their lollipop lady is being moved
Parents and children angry and upset their lollipop lady is being moved
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Parents are furious after being told the lollipop lady is being axed at their children’s school – and sent to a nearby primary instead.

The lollipop lady at Ann’s Grove Primary School in Heeley is being transferred to Bankwood Primary School because their warden is retiring.

Sheffield Council says there are not enough wardens to go round and Ann’s Grove has a new crossing outside so Bankwood needs a warden more.

But parents say reckless drivers still speed through the crossing and they fear for their children’s safety.

They are planning a protest at the school on Thursday – the day before their warden is due to move.

Mum Rachel Crolla, of Myrtle Road, Heeley, said: “I think it is appalling because we’ve fought for a number of years to get a crossing in the first place.

“We’re on the main road and there are a lot of schools around here.

“The cars don’t stop for those traffic lights, they go straight through. I just think its a travesty.

“I know some people want to organise petitions and stuff but she is going on Friday so will it make a difference?”

Teacher and mum Samantha McCormack added: “Parents have voiced their concerns and say they see lots of cars go through the red lights. All parents are worried there will be accidents.”

Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for Streetscene at the council, said no wardens were being made redundant.

He added: “I really value our school crossing patrol wardens and the work they do in the community to keep our children safe.

“The warden at Ann’s Grove is moving to Bankwood primary where the current warden is retiring and where there are no other safety measures in place.

“We hope that the crossing has made that road much safer and there have been no accidents at all.

“It is really important that people use that crossing properly and if any drivers go through a red light it is imperative they call the police.”