Parachute which landed in Sheffield with a package attached was for a 'science experiment'

Sheffield Road - Google Maps
Sheffield Road - Google Maps
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A parachute spotted 'flying out of the sky with a package attached' was reportedly being used for a fascinating science experiment.

Sheffield residents took to social media earlier today to report that they had seen a parachute land at Woodhouse West End club, on Sheffield Road, in Sheffield.

They stated that the parachute had a package attached to the end with some ringing police on 101 to report the incident.

However, one Sheffield resident took to Facebook to clarify the situation.

Kirsty Rothwell reported that that two science students from the University of Hull had deployed a rocket into space.

She said that the rocket, which captured footage of the earth from above, released the parachute and followed it to where it landed.

The two students were reportedly aiming to get an egg into space and back again in one piece.

Some achievement from the two young scientists!