Papers may reveal fans’ slur source

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POLICE paperwork from the Hillsborough disaster which may help shed light on which officers were responsible for slurs on Liverpool fans are among the documents set to be made public.

Home Secretary Theresa May says the Hillsborough Independent Panel will be given briefing papers sent by South Yorkshire Police to 10 Downing Street in 1989. Families of the 96 people who died were outraged at claims made by police which appeared in The Sun newspaper, alleging Liverpool fans picked the pockets of the dead, urinated on police and tried to stop an officer resuscitating a victim.

The slurs led to a boycott of the newspaper on Merseyside which continues 22 years on.

Theresa May confirmed the papers will be handed over after being asked by Birkenhead Labour MP Frank Field. She said: “All Government papers have been made available, in full and uncensored.”

Mr Field said: “We should now learn where this poison started. The Home Secretary’s response will be very welcome news to the families.

“She has stated categorically that all Government papers, not just Cabinet minutes, have been made available, including those papers submitted by South Yorkshire Police.

“So in the light of day, we shall know who actively put forward the slurs.”