Panel is making Wombwell wonderful

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PEOPLE in Wombwell are being asked to help keep their community a great place to live, work and play.

Wombwell is one of 10 areas in Barnsley that has recently been granted Community First funding from the Government to support community groups who can make a real difference to their area.

To make sure the Community First money coming to Wombwell meets the needs of the area, a local panel has been set up which has responsibility for agreeing the top priorities for Wombwell, publicising Community First in the area to local groups, and then meeting every few months to consider project applications.

A spokesman for the group said: “The Wombwell Community First panel has been running for four months and is currently made up of two Wombwell residents and three Councillors.

“We have already agreed funding for a number of projects which will improve the Wombwell area.

“The panel is now looking to recruit some more residents to help them with the task of making sure that the Community First funding benefits the whole of Wombwell, through the many volunteers and groups that work to support the area as a whole.”

To find out more about Community First in Wombwell visit the website

Alternatively email the Community First team at or telephone 01226 787 737.