Pair strike out in school

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MARTIAL arts is the latest tool being used to promote peace and self-confidence in South Yorkshire schools.

Liam Richards – one half of Britain’s Got Talent duo Strike – has been working with students in schools teaching them self-defence skills and the basics of the ancient art.

And Liam claims the routines he teaches – which are full of punching and kicking – can actually help combat violence in schools.

Liam said: “Martial arts is not about violence. It’s about health and control, focus and confidence. Of course self-defence is an obvious beneficial factor but we are careful to encourage students to combat their problems with words and not physical action.”

The sessions have already made a difference in schools such as Wales High School in Rotherham.

Deputy head Lisa McCall said: “There have literally been a barrage of complimentary comments made about not only the content but also the delivery of the course.

“The students involved have genuinely valued this opportunity and as a result of their attendance on the course, key staff within school have witnessed noticeable improvements in a range of areas.”