Pair go ga-ga for longest show on the radio record

SineFM presenters Mark Kelly (left) and Simon Saynor who are hoping to do a 72 hour non-stop show.
SineFM presenters Mark Kelly (left) and Simon Saynor who are hoping to do a 72 hour non-stop show.
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WATCH out Chris Moyles!

A pair of amateur radio presenters from a Doncaster community station are ready to embrace insomnia to blow the BBC man out of the record books.

Former pub landlord Simon Saynor and club DJ Mark Kelly are getting the coffee brewed as they prepare to beat the record for the longest radio show.

They are aiming for 72 hours - which would be well clear of the 52 hours set by ‘Moylesy’ for Children in Need in March.

Simon, from Armthorpe, who is the former assistant manager of The Tut and Shive pub on West Laith Gate, presents the breakfast show on Sine FM, while Mark is the man behind its 4pm to 6pm early evening show.

They have contacted Chris and invited him to be a guest during their marathon effort, but have yet to hear from him.

The record bid is to raise money for the Higher Rhythm Foundation charity, which is helping victims of the 2009 typhoon which caused major devastation in the Phillipines, and for the Doncaster Rape and Sexual Assault Counselling Service.

Simon, aged, 43, is unemployed, and has been presenting the breakfast show since 2009.

Mark, aged 44, is a painter and decorator from Handsworth, in Sheffield.

“The day time sections of the show will be alright - we’ve got schedules for those, although it will be music we don’t know very well, like R&B,” said Simon.

“It is the night section which I’m a bit worried about.

“We are thinking we may do a games night. So people could find themselves listening to a live commentary of a game of Cluedo. We have a darts board, so there could be some darts on the radio too!

“The other presenters are behind us and hopefully will drop in for a chat during the show. We’ve also got some local bands coming in for interviews and live sets.

“We’ve been given all sorts of rules by the people from the record books. For instance, if we have a guest, they are only allowed to talk for a minute without myself or Mark speaking. There is a limit on how long a song we play can be too.

“But we are allowed a five minute break every hour, and we can accumulate them so we have 20 minutes every four hours.

“I’ve been awake for 72 hours before, but that was when I was much younger! But I’m certain we can do it. We’ve got people coming down to bring us coffee and food, and give us a prod if they’re worried we might fall asleep!”

Simon said his doctor had given him a clean bill of health physically to go ahead with the plan - but joked he must be mad to be trying it.

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The record effort will start at 8am on Monday August 29.