Paedophile hunter strikes

Stinson Hunter. Picture courtesy of Wolverhampton Express and Star
Stinson Hunter. Picture courtesy of Wolverhampton Express and Star
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The worried mum of a man with the mental age of a young child has told police she fears for his life after he was snared by a ‘Paedophile Hunter’.

Vigilante Stinson Hunter posed online as a teenage girl and befriended a 26-year-old city man, who exchanged explicit text messages with the ‘youngster’.

The man asked the 14-year-old he thought he was talking to for sex and arranged to meet her.

But when he arrived at Sheffield railway station, he was met by Mr Hunter, who worked on a film called The Paedophile Hunter.

Mr Hunter confronted the man over the nature of his texts and motive for wanting to meet the youngster. The Star has chosen not to name the Sheffield man, whose mum claims has has a mental age of a boy aged between seven and 11.

He was moved to a safe house yesterday over fears for his safety. Today his 48-year-old mum revealed her son has learning disabilities, Aspergers, ADHD and dyslexia, described him as a ‘vulnerable adult’ and claimed his life was now at risk from vigilantes.

The mum-of-three, who is also a grandmother, said her son’s disabilities should have been considered before his actions were made public on social media. She has raised her concerns over her son’s safety with South Yorkshire Police and fears her family could become targets.

“He has learning disabilities, he has the mind of a child,” she said. “His background should have been looked at before he was portrayed the way he has been.

“This was entrapment. Yes, what my son has done is wrong but he has the mind of a child aged between seven and 11. He is very easily led and does not comprehend sometimes what he is doing.

“There have been threats online, people know where he lives. I am worried what is going to happen to him and our family.”

She admitted the content of some of her son’s texts had been ‘disgusting’ but said if she had ever had concerns about her son she would have reported him to the police. But Mr Hunter said today he believes the man’s disabilities are being used as an excuse. “He told me he has ADHD and dyslexia – they do not excuse anyone trying to abuse a child,” he said.

In his texts to the girl he thought he was chatting to, the man admitted he knew it was wrong to meet up with her because of her age.

“He admitted he knew it was wrong and he could get into trouble,” said Mr Hunter.

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