Owners must control dogs

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However, recently my dogs have been attacked twice by dogs roaming off leash.

One person who had an older dog has recently had to have him put to sleep following an attack by an English bull terrier, again off leash and out of control. I’m not going to blame any particular breed as I believe the dogs aren’t to blame. However, owners of dogs, particularly powerful breeds have a duty to keep them under control.

I have spoken to the police and the dog warden, without any success. I wonder whether we have any enforcable laws anymore, as the authorities seem powerless to stop nuisance behaviour. I am now frightened when walking my dogs, and have decided that after they have gone, I won’t be having any more.

Linda Green

Volunteer Training Corps plea

Whilst most people are familiar with the exploits of the Home Guard during the World War Two, until recently, I had not heard of a similar organisation that was formed during World War One called the Volunteer Training Corps.

The various units were initially formed in late 1914 in towns and cities throughout the UK and eventually became attached to county regiments. They received no government grant and hence had to pay for equipment such as rifle and clothing; and they were recognised by the red armband they wore with the letters “GR” (for Georgius Rex) emblazoned in black.

I was wondering if any readers could shed any light regarding whether or not Sheffield (and any other South Yorkshire connurbations) raised a VTC during WW1 and if so provide further information.

Michael Parker, Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar