Owners' horror after cat is shot dead in Sheffield

Sid, whose owners say he died after being shot with a pellet gun
Sid, whose owners say he died after being shot with a pellet gun
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The owners of a cat which was shot dead in Sheffield have appealed for help to catch the 'callous' culprit.

Joanne Richardson and her husband Mark said their 'beloved' pet Sid was shot from above with a pellet gun near their home in Stocksbridge and died following an operation to remove the bullet from his spine.

The couple believe the six-year-old mog was shot on Thursday evening and took over 12 hours to drag himself back to their home on Cross Lane, where he arrived the following afternoon, in agonising pain.

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"Sid was shot and killed on the evening of August 16 by someone in this neighbourhood," said Joanne, a 50-year-old civil servant.

"We know this is a very close knit community so we know that someone in this neighbourhood knows who undertook this cowardly crime against our beloved Sid.

"Please come forward and name and shame this callous person."

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Joanne told how she and her husband, a 52-year-old car parts salesman, had got Sid and their other cat Nancy as rescue pets from the RSPCA when they were just kittens.

She said they had nursed the pair back to health and were distraught by what had happened to Sid.

"Sid was a rescue cat whose personality was very timid around people," she added.

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"He was shot in the spine from above. It took Sid over 12 hours to get himself home and he must have suffered terribly."

Joanne's daughter Daniella said that even if they couldn't catch Sid's killer but sharing their story they hoped to raise awareness and 'spark a conversation with young people who may think it's a laugh to shoot animals'.

Anyone with information can call RSPCA Sheffield on 0114 289 8050.