Owner needed for a loved cat

Pictured is Liz Selwood with Oscar the Cat
Pictured is Liz Selwood with Oscar the Cat
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THE race is on to find a new home for a cat whose two owners have died in the space of two years.

Oscar was adopted from the RSPCA by owner Nancy Cocker two years ago, but she died at the age of 97 and the cat went to live with the pensioner’s son - Peter Cocker, 77, who died on New Year’s Eve.

It was original owner Nancy’s last wish for her beloved pet never to end up in an animal shelter, but unless a new owner can be found before Sunday the cat is to be taken to one.

Solicitors managing Nancy’s estate and will are allowing the cat to continue living in Nancy’s home in Stannington, where family friends are feeding the pet, until Monday.

Then the house will be locked up while the estate is dealt with.

The law firm has found a re-homing centre willing to take the cat in Newcastle, but Liz Selwood, a friend of Nancy and Peter, said she is desperate to find a new family home for Oscar first.

“When Nancy was 95 her dog died and for company she got a house cat, who she loved. It was always her wish that the cat would never go back to the RSPCA or any other animal shelter,” she said.

“When she died her son said he would look after the cat, but he died on New Year’s Eve, leaving us trying to fulfil Nancy’s last wish for her cat - to find it a loving home.”

Oscar, who has three legs and feline immunodeficiency virus, is described as ‘an affectionate lap cat’.

It is thought he would be most suited to a home without children or other cats.

Liz said: “I am really fond of Oscar, as is one of Nancy’s neighbours who is helping to feed him and sits with him, but I have a dog and she has a cat.”

Anyone able to offer a home should call Liz on 07890 208 380.