Owls Fans Column: Former Sheffield Wednesday players offer an insight at a home from home

Ex-Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Andy Sinton
Ex-Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Andy Sinton
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Did you know ex-Wednesday goalkeeper Marlon Beresford now trains people to become accountants?

Last week the London Owls supporters group organised a Q&A evening with former Owls footballers Andy Sinton, Gordon Watson and Marlon Beresford.

The Q&A evening was an insightful look into the players’ experiences in and out of the dressing room. It was also interesting to hear their opinions on topics that haven’t been media trained out of them.

Andy Sinton admitted being at Hillsborough wasn’t a good time for him and Trevor Francis didn’t help matters. ‘Flash’ was a little less delicate about Francis’ managerial skills. Where Ron Atkinson used to let the ‘big characters’ argue it out amongst themselves, Trev tried to intervene and not very successfully.

Hearing what other players were like at the club directly from the players themselves is enlightening. Sinton described Des Walker as ‘argumentative’ in the dressing room and if he said ‘it was Saturday, it was Saturday.’ Carlton Palmer was ‘flash’ and Dan Petrescu lacked ‘hygiene’. Although it was only a small crack in the window to the dressing room, it shed some light.

The discussion got a little heated when one fan brought up the subject of Ched Evans. Suffice to say that was brought to an abrupt end.

Being exiled in our nation’s capital sometimes makes it hard to feel connected to Hillsborough. You can’t just pop down to the ground for a game or an event. It has to be planned well in advance. That’s why groups such as the London Owls are important to supporters who aren’t local anymore.

It’s genuinely uplifting to walk into a random pub in central London and hear a room full of Sheffield accents.