Owls fan’s view: So many questions

David Prutton
David Prutton
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The abysmal performance against Yeovil left me pondering on a number questions, writes Steve Walmsley.

What actually is our wage budget and how does it compare to other Championship clubs?

If we are at the budget end of the spectrum, why is that when the club is largely debt free and we have attendances of over 20,000?

Are we satisfied that DJ is getting the best out of the resources that are available?

Why have we got six central midfield players contracted to the club (five of whom DJ gave contracts to) yet we can’t produce a midfield that is capable of dominating a game at home, even against some of the weakest opposition in the league?

Why is that we play at home at a tempo that befits pre-season friendlies?

Why, when we are drawing at home, 15 minutes before the end, against a team with 10 men, take off Prutton (a defensive midfielder) and replace him with an even more defensive midfielder ?

Why do we continue to play Antonio off the striker, in a position in which he looks lost, and which is sapping his already-reduced confidence?

Why does yet another manager tell us we have a psychological problem playing at home when Meggo had the ability to turn Hillsborough into a positive and made it pretty much a fortress?

The pathetic display we had to endure was just another couple of notches down from the previous home games this season and was fully deserving of the boos it received.

Let’s be clear, Yeovil were the better side before they had a man sent off and after - and yet this was a team who hadn’t scored a goal in five straight defeats before they met us. Boo indeed. Urgent action is needed to lift the mood at S6.