Owls anguish as United keep on winning run

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IT was too good to last. The Owls defeat on the south coast was the first defeat for a Sheffield club this season.

On thestar.co.uk UTO1’s.Mummy too the opportunity to point out a decent movie for Wednesdayites: “Theres a good film on tonight starring Matt Damon..Lots of action... The Bournemouth Supremacy I think its called.”

Owls fan Gerimo didn’t take the bait, preferring to play the long game: “United won’t win every match & we won’t lose every match, it’s where we are in May that matters.”

On Blades forum unitedite, goldenslew was revelling in one of Danny Wilson’s new boys and suggested their ground share partners may be interested: “That McDonald could be a Rugby player if he wasnt a footballer! Like a giant striding through!”

The mood was gloomier on OwlsTalk. For Eaton_Swfc it was Groundhog Day: “We’ve seen it all before... its looking alot like last season without the strikers! Still not got enough pace and we create very little, and when we do there is literally no one on the end. I’ll stand be Meggo through thick and thin and am in no way suggesting the season is over... we’ve just seen it all before.”

Darkus Owlus agreed: “We don’t have proper quality on the wings. You can’t get promoted on a tight budget, which despite being utterly grateful with MM for saving us, we are on a tight budget.”

While Horny owl called for some perspective: “I’d rather we lost some games now so MM and GM can get things sorted out rather than be in a false position early on like we were under Irvine. I really do trust in GM and still fully believe we will be promoted this season.”

nick-swfc suggested a trip to the east end of Sheffield could be in order to boost the Owls flagging strike force: “I would love ALF (Adam Le Fondre) at Hillsborough. Natural goalscorers are hard to come by. Looking less and less a risk the way Madine and Morrison have started this season.”

And finally over on The Crossed Blades forum, Pastitblade is enjoying his season so far: “New season new team more like. Absolute pleasure watching football being played. However, one word of caution. One egg, one chicken. Two eggs, two chickens etc.”

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