Owls and Blades fans unite to send poorly Sheffield youngster on dream holiday

A Sheffield toddler with a mystery growth condition is set to go on a dream holiday after Blades and Owls fans united to grant his wish.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 28th May 2018, 2:05 pm
Updated Monday, 28th May 2018, 2:11 pm
Lucas Brand with his mum Danielle Eyre and dad Luke Brand
Lucas Brand with his mum Danielle Eyre and dad Luke Brand

Lucas Brand, from the Wybourn estate, will turn three in a fortnight but the undiagnosed genetic disorder means he still fits clothing designed for three-to-sixth-month-olds.

He is also unable to walk or talk, is fed via a machine and is particularly susceptible to infections.

Lucas Brand with sister Isla, dad Luke and mum Danielle Eyre in front of the charity football teams made up of Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United fans

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Bradley Marshall was so touched by Lucas’ story he organised a charity football match between fans of Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday to raise the money to send the Toy Star-mad youngster and his family to Disneyland Paris.

Around 200 people turned out for the game yesterday at the Goodwin Sports Centre in Broomhill, and Bradley said proceeds from the day, together with online donations and the income from charity auctions, had taken the total raised to around £3,500.

He said this meant the family would be able to go to Disneyland Paris, despite the high cost of Lucas’ insurance driving up the cost.

Lucas Brand and his parents Danielle and Luke with Owls fans skipper Matt Garnett, Blades fans captain Bradley Marshall and referee Phil Burke

The match ended 12-0 to the Sheffield United fans - not a scoreline which would have pleased the young Owls supporter.

But other than the result, Bradley said Lucas had a great day, which culminated with him scoring in a penalty challenge.

“It was great to see such a good turnout and thanks to everyone’s generosity Lucas and his family will 100 per cent be able to go to Disneyland Paris,” he said.

Lucas and his family will get to go to Disneyland Paris thanks to the money raised through the charity match

“He’s such cheerful boy, despite everything, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving.

“Lucas enjoyed himself, and it was great to see him score the penalty at the end.”

Lucas’ condition, which continues to baffle the best brains in the medical world, means he frequently has to attend hospital.

Fans of Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday battle it out in the charity match organised for Lucas Brand and his family

His family still do not know whether he will grow or ever be able to walk.

Lucas was at the match with his mum Danielle Eyre, his dad Luke and one-year-old sister Isla.

Danielle, a clinical support worker at Weston Park Hospital, said: “Lucas was overwhelmed by how many people turned out, and he had a brilliant day.

“Everyone’s been so generous and getting to visit Disneyland will be such a special treat for him.

“People’s support means so much to us - not just that of our amazing friends and family but the generosity of strangers who have helped raise such an amazing amount.”