Overwhelmed by sums owed

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WITH £14,000 owed to 19 creditors, unemployed Samantha Collier’s debts are overwhelming.

The mum-of-four owes money to a bewildering array of creditors including store cards, catalogues, loans, overdrafts and a children’s book club.

The sums vary from £92 owed to an energy firm, up to £3,000 to Santander bank and £3,743 on a Monument credit card.

Samantha and her ex-husband spent cash on furniture, items for the house, kids’ clothing and even food.

Together they could afford the repayments but when they divorced they agreed he would take nothing but also leave the debts, she says.

Samantha signed up with a debt firm to manage repayments and cut the amount owed by £4,000 in four years.

She said: “I thought it was an affordable way of paying creditors.

“But I would have been repaying for years and years so I switched to a better deal.”