Overweight should see Joanne’s story as a warning

Joanne Slater from Sheffield. Pic: Rossparry.co.uk
Joanne Slater from Sheffield. Pic: Rossparry.co.uk
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Skinnies scoff the morbidly overweight should simply eat less; they can never understand the misery obese people go through.

Or how, after years of failed diets, they are so desperate they want major surgery - ops that put their lives at risk and are far from the simple solution they imagine. Would-be patients are warned of risks. But medics are now discovering serious after-problems are occurring even years down the line.

An op gave Stannington’s Joanne Slater motherhood and seven years of slimmness. But at a terrible price - it’s likely it caused her death. Her husband is now torn between gratitude that surgery gave him and Joanne a child, and anger that it took his wife’s life and left their child motherless. All he can hope is that other women heed Joanne’s tragic story.