Overweight Doncaster mum who couldn't run after her children loses six stones

In 2014, Caron was 16st 6lb - the heaviest she'd ever been. She'd been admitted to hospital three times with severe asthma attacks and was unable to run after her two small children. Caron knew the time had come to really make a change.

In January 2015, She re-joined Weight Watchers (having a been a member for short periods twice previously) and this time - inspired by the new holistic approach - she took a different approach, focusing on small goals to keep her motivated. Her first was to weigh under 16st.

Her second was to go from a size 20 to a size 14 for her sister’s wedding. In 9 months, she smashed both through a complete overhaul of her approach to both food and activity. She now eats loads more veggies, cooks from scratch and has learned to love healthy food. But she still allows herself a treat – but always tracks it. She’s also joined a gym, and uses her Fitbit every day, making sure she clocks up 10k steps She’s just signed up for Race For Life.

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When she got down to 11st, she cried at the scales – she hadn’t seen that number in over a decade. Now she’s at 10st 10lb.

Caron’s life has changed completely since joining Weight Watchers. Not only has she reached her goal and beyond, she no longer has to use her asthma inhaler, has trained to become a Leader, and she now knows she can achieve her dreams. In her words: “It’s given me confidence in myself that I haven’t had in years. I have an identity now that isn’t just ‘mum’.”

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