Oversize extension must go

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A DEVELOPER has been ordered to remove a half-built rear extension which was larger than the approved plans.

The owner of number six Rosamond Place, Totley Rise, had secured approval for a two-storey side extension and single-storey rear extension but was not allowed to build a basement garage.

But when work started the front garden was excavated and, after complaints were made to the council amid fears the rejected garage was being built, the excavation was only half filled in.

Officials later found the main project did not match the ‘approved drawings’.

Sheffield Council’s city centre, south and east planning board told officials to ‘take any appropriate action’ including enforcement or legal action to remove the works.

The decision was backed by former local councillor Anne Smith, who said: “I sincerely hope this decision will send a clear message to other developers that attempting to ride roughshod over planning law will not be tolerated.”

In Beauchief, councillors have ordered residents of a home to stop using their garage as a hairdressing business unless they apply for planning permission.

Officials said the garage on Cockshutt Drive had been ‘converted into a salon with sinks and chairs’. When planning officers visited they found two clients inside.

Neighbours had complained about customers taking up parking spaces.