Overflowing bins are finally emptied

The bin area for the block of flats on Windyhouse Lane, Manor, Sheffield.
The bin area for the block of flats on Windyhouse Lane, Manor, Sheffield.
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Residents in blocks of flats on the Manor had had enough of waiting for their bins to be emptied.

It had been six weeks since the black bins had been collected from the blocks on Windyhouse Lane.

And now the blue bins – four on each block – were also overflowing.

Now residents including David Allen, who has lived in his flat for 42 years, wanted action, so they contacted Action Desk for help.

He said: “When the other residents and myself phoned Veolia we were told that the refuse wagons could not gain access.

“The road on Windyhouse Lane is a dead end. We were told car were blocking access – people park legitimately and go about their business.

“What about the previous 42 years when the bins were emptied – adverse weather conditions taken into consideration. I, along with others, pay council tax and I thought the bin service included this.”


A spokesman for Veolia said: “We apologise to Mr Allen and any other residents for the inconvenience caused by delays to these collections.

“The delays were caused by parked cars blocking access for our collection vehicle.

“As with all access problems we encounter, we regularly revisit streets until we are able to manoeuvre safely.

“Regrettably this process took longer than we would have liked, however we’re pleased to confirm that all bins were emptied earlier this week and this situation will be monitored closely in the future.

“We’d like to thank Mr Allen for his patience and understanding, and encourage car users to be considerate of access whenever parking on roads.” He added that the bins and recycling containers are due to be collected fortnightly.