Outraged by fuel price rises

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These rises are absolutely outrageous: 12.2% for electricity and a whopping 19.4% for gas. How on earth can they be justified?

I’m enraged: people are losing their jobs, taking cuts in salaries while power companies are posting mammoth profits. It’s revolting or, in the words of a former PM, it’s the unacceptable face of capitalism. The two previous winters have been bitingly cold.

They must have made a killing in both senses of the word: death for those unable to afford to heat their homes and vast profits from increased usage.

Do these increases sit comfortably with knowing autumn is approaching bringing colder days and early darkness?

I’m disgusted and so should all right minded people be.

People cannot afford these increases and are worried sick about them.

Vivien Ratcliffe, Norfolk Rd, S2

Call in at the Capel for a pint

Like a lot of older people I look forward to The Retro every Saturday but I had a shock when I read Ron Clayton’s Calling Time piece, about The Mason’s Arms, on Capel Street. It made it appear it was closing down. It isn’t.

The Capel was where my parents drank at the weekends.

My dad called in after working at Daniel Doncasters.

I started going in when I was 18 and my family continue to use this very friendly working class pub.

My son (Johnny P) does karaoke every Saturday and a good time is had by everyone.

I’ll be 70 on September 17 and am looking forward to going to the Capel to celebrate like many other parties we’ve had over the last 50 years and more.

So if you’re passing, call in and have a pint. You’ll enjoy it, believe me.

Maureen Turton, Firth Park, S5