Out of the Donny Dog house

Fired: Donny Dog mascot Tracy Chandler, of Armthorpe.
Fired: Donny Dog mascot Tracy Chandler, of Armthorpe.
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DELIGHTED Doncaster Rovers mascot Tracy Chandler looks set to get her job back.

The 40-year-old was told she was fired as Donny Dog after she posed in her underwear with the costume in the Sunday Sport.

But today Tracy looks set to continue in her role after club chairman John Ryan rang her personally to intervene.

He told The Star it was more than likely she would be given the job back.

Delighted Tracy, of Walstow Crescent, Armthorpe, said: “John Ryan rang up and said there had been a big misunderstanding.

“He said I’ve not been sacked and I’m being reinstated. He made it clear they will be using me next year again.

“He has said he doesn’t want me to do any more photoshoots - but there have been loads of fans going on my Facebook page demanding that I should do a calendar!

“If I did anything further, I think I would have to get the club’s permission first.

“I told him he should see the response I’ve had from the fans - it has been unbelievable.

“But I am absolutely chuffed to bits to be given the job back, and I think The Star helped by highlighting what had happened to me. I thank The Star and all its readers.”

Tracy said staff from the club had now been to her house to take the costume back on Wednesday.

She said: “I burst out crying when I handed it over. I don’t think they realise what it means to me. I can do so much for charity as Donny Dog which I could not do as Tracy Chandler.”

Tracy had been told she was being dropped as Donny Dog by email, and told the pictures she had posed for were bad for the name of the club.

Club chairman John Ryan said: “It is more than likely that she will be reinstated.

“I can see why the decision was made as we didn’t like the link with the Sunday Sport. Donny Dog is popular with the kids.

“She should have let us know what she was doing but she has done a great job for the club as mascot and hopefully common sense will prevail.”