Our well’s running dry

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I HOPE the Sheffield union stewards and public sector workers whose salaries are over £30,000 read this. Why?

Councils have failed to collect £1 billion in council taxes. Why?

Councils are using the cuts deliberately on the wrong workers. Why?

Chief executives and senior officers are on obscene salaries. Why?

Pensions in the public sector are much higher than for private sector workers. Why?

Police chief officers get bonuses. Why?

Police officers are paid twice for the same shift. Why?

Overtime is paid for Saturday and Sunday. Why? Is policing a five-day-a-week job?

Chief Constables say the cuts will mean fewer police on the streets. Why?

When was the last time anyone saw a policeman on the beat?

Inland Revenue billions paid or not collected since 1997 to 2005. Why?

Who monitored these incompetent civil servants (who also receive bonuses). Why?

It was the Audit Commission’ job to oversee public sector spending. What a laugh.

They worked in luxury and received obscene salaries. Meanwhile they didn’t stop local authorities wasting our money. Why?

Benefit cheats who have never ever had a job from 1997 to the present day have just drained our country. Why?

This doesn’t take into account all the many useless positions created for the public sector (just look at some of the job titles and shake your head).

Now we hear that every private sector worker faces paying £1,600 to protect the pensions of public sector staff, who have better salaries, better pensions and earlier retirement. Why?

Guess who foots the bill for all the above. Yes, the private sector.

So have your strikes and protests quickly, because our well is running dry.

Angry private sector worker