Our strengths alive and well

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IT is no empty boast to say everyone in our business community is a winner. For, in their own way, every business makes a contribution to the economic prosperity of the city.

That is why we were delighted to present The Star Business Awards last night, celebrating not only the individual category winners but the entire business community in our region, in all its shape and form.

We’re particularly pleased that Dr Graham Honeyman, chief executive of Forgemasters, emerged as winner of the Business Person of the Year Award. For he represents all that are recognised as the strongest characteristics to be found among today’s business leaders.

His determination for his business and his team to be world leaders has constantly come to the fore during the last year, showing that ambition when coupled with a clear strategy and driving energy can still overcome all the troubles that are today confronting economies worldwide.

They are the tell-tale signs which have supported Sheffield’s role as a world leader in many fields and we are delighted that they are still alive and being well used today.

Hammer home this cycling message

A CLAMPDOWN by police in Doncaster on cyclists who ride along pavements is something many would like to see rolled out across the county.

This practice is both frightening and dangerous and those engaged in it deserve to be taken to task.

We appreciate that cyclists are doing their bit not only at a personal level by keeping fit but also in terms of helping reduce traffic allowing those with no option but to use private cars to reach their destinations with less trouble.

But they’re all branded with a bad name courtesy of those who ignore the Highway Code and ride on pavements.

It is selfish and we hope police will hammer home that message in uncompromising fashion.

Be good neighbours

SHEFFIELD’S student population is a tremendous asset. They boost the economy, give energy to the entertainment scene and their loyalty to Sheffield pays dividends with well educated employees once their studies are over. But these benefits come at a price and we already hear complaints that student neighbours can be a nuisance. A meeting between the Students’ Union and city councillors is aimed to build better relationships. This is welcomed but it will take more than goodwill to get some to be good neighbours.