Our Stars are inspirational

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THE inspiring stories of The Stars of The Star are part of what makes Christmas so special.

We can only marvel at their bravery, dedication and sheer determination.

Our roll of honour makes for incredible reading and all the stars fully deserve recognition.

They include plucky Reece Winterbottom and Jack Butt, two young lads who showed great fortitude as they beat brain tumours.

Ceriann Rush defied brittle bone disease to tackle a marathon swim and raise funds for charity.

Barrie Trigg has been a member of 23rd Sheffield Company of the Boys’ Brigade for more than 60 years. Such loyalty is admirable.

Kelly Green, who was blinded in a car crash, showed how to rise above misfortune after she raised £2,500 for Guide Dogs For The Blind.

Don and Sandra Crabtree have transformed Sandall Park in Doncaster while soldier Ben Parkinson is a symbol of hope across the nation.

David Cryer has shown great dignity and determination in his campaign to bring those responsible for his son’s death to justice.

Olivia Sagar suffers from a rare bowel condition but still manages a brave smile in the face of adversity.

Sarah and James O’Mara have turned heartache and grief into a charity cause while Danielle Elliot bravely spoke out about rape and domestic abuse.

Kathleen Roberts has led the campaign to gain recognition for South Yorkshire’s Women of Steel.

They are all amazing in different ways and we feel privileged to pay tribute to such marvellous human beings.

Rules of the road must be obeyed

SLOWER speeds equal happy people. So say Sheffield pupils who adopted this motto for a safety campaign.

They united in a message to motorists to obey the rules of the road after being asked to design posters to encourage drivers to slow down.

This is a cause close to our hearts as it goes hand in hand with our It’s Your Child campaign, which has highlighted the dangers of irresponsible driving and parking near to the city’s schools.

The pupils are taking our cause seriously, with many primary schools having junior road safety officers in place.

Now it’s up to drivers to obey the speed limit and the parking restrictions around schools.

It doesn’t seem much to ask, but still there are too many who flout the rules.

So the message is simple – stop and think of others for a change.