Our shambles of a bus service

May I highlight the public transport shambles as a result of the recent bad weather and its impact on the villages of Wales,Kiveton Park and North/South Anston. Kiveton is approximately eight miles from Sheffield and a similar distance from Rotherham.

As a result of the snow we had no bus service to the above villages for eight days. We are not in Outer Mongolia but, as far as First transport is concerned we are in Outer South Yorkshire. A complaint to them resulted in a letter saying that they were 'sorry to hear of my dissapointment at the decision to suspend services'. Did they think we would be pleased?

They added that it was not just snow and ice that caused the problem but the way people parked. Presumably the people of Kiveton have a different way to the rest of South Yorkshire in how we leave our cars at the roadside.

How can you possibly take seriously the campaign to 'leave your car and use the bus' when you have a service like the one that First provides to Kiveton. We have an hourly service in the day that is frequently late or missing altogether.

John Singleton, Kiveton Park

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