Our scooter woes

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How can Sheffield Homes be allowed to send out letters about communal areas in flats when the draft policy has not yet been approved by them?

Who is running Sheffield Homes, or do individuals take it upon themselves to decide policy? Do they have the legal right to take possession of our mobility scooters and charge us for so doing?

Bureaucracy gone mad!

How many scooters have caught fire, and how many people have been killed as a result? The figure could be counted on one hand. More are killed on the roads in a day than are killed by mobility scooters catching fire; do we ban all vehicles? More die in childbirth, do we stop having babies? More die in accidents in the home, do we ban roofs over our heads?

My scooter is stored away from the stairs, in the communal ground floor area. It doesn’t block anybody’s passage and isn’t in the way of fire exits etc.

If Sheffield Homes is so concerned about safety then they should build fire escapes for everybody who doesn’t live on the ground floor. Then in the remote and unfortunate situation of a fire, everybody would be able to escape, not just those nearest to fire exits. I (and many others, I suspect) have now to sell an almost new scooter at a knockdown price; something I, and most pensioners, can ill afford. The alternative is to pay for an outbuilding and connecting it to the electricity supply – also beyond most pensioners’ means.

We don’t have these vehicles for fun; we need them!


Douglas Johnson (Oct 17) at Sheffield Law Centre is right to point out that mobility scooter users rely on these to get out. We are not wanted in some shops. We are just as entitled as everyone else to full service.

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